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Our Basic English course consists of 100 free online lessons (25 each at the Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Levels).


We use the Pearson Global Scale of English/GSE to set the learning objectives and related grammar for each lesson. The GSE scores can also be linked to the Common European Framework of Reference/CEFR for languages.


  • Beginner A1 level course  (GSE range of 10-29)
  • Elementary A2 level (GSE range of 30-42)
  • Intermediate B1 level (GSE range of 43-59 )
  • Upper Intermediate B2 level (GSE range of 59- 75)



Our program has 4 levels covering 100 free online lessons.


It is based on a communications approach with defined competency levels for reading, writing and listening at each level.


Cultural content is utilized in the grammar examples and quizzes in each lesson. You will learn fascinating aspects about the different neighborhoods and districts in New York. City


Our online English courses make language learning fun as we utilize images with relevant cultural content as much as possible to help you remember.  In fact, our online English course is as easy as learning the A, B, Cs.



BASIC ENGLISH A1: Beginner Level

BASIC ENGLISH A2: Elementary Level

BASIC ENGLISH  B1: Intermediate Level

BASIC ENGLISH B2: Upper Intermediate Level


Each lesson is organized as follows:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Dialogue
  • Key Sentences
  • Grammar Tips
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • Listening & Pronunciation Practice
  • New Vocabulary Definitions
  • Idioms
  • Vocabulary Quiz/Crossword Puzzle