Become a Valuable Educational Partner


If you are a university or college with an English language program; a school for hospitality training;  an international school, or a school board,  why not consider becoming one of our valuable educational partners.

We can provide a hyperlink to your own institution and its ESL program.  And your staff and students can benefit from the free high quality learning materials that can complement your own classroom-based instruction.

There is no cost involved and the process is simple.

Just provide a hyperlink on your own website to our site URL ( and this will enable your viewers to easily access and use our free language learning. materials.

If you are interested, send us a few lines about your institution along with some pictures (jpeg) and we can feature your institution and its key upcoming ESL events in one of our blogs.

Join our list of our current educational partners and see their ESL programs and future events.



Become a key Corporate Partner


If you are an international hoteltourist or hotel federation, a chamber of commerce, a tour company, taxi company, airline or bank, why not consider becoming one of our valuable corporate partners. Your staff and customers can utilize the online lessons free of charge.

We will provide a hyperlink in our Partners page to your own website.  We can also feature your company or association in one of our upcoming blogs.

And by providing us with some photos of your organization and its facilities, you will be making an important contribution with these ‘authentic materials’ to this new innovative approach based on teaching vocabulary visually and with integrated cultural content from New York City.

For more information, please contact: