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English Idioms

An idiom an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but that has a separate meaning of its own.

It's raining cats and dogs = It's pouring rain = It's raining heavily.
It’s raining cats and dogs = It’s pouring rain = It’s raining heavily.



Use your imagination to guess the meaning of these English idioms

In this section, you will learn hundreds of the most popular idioms in English.

Idioms are expressions in a culture where the figurative meaning is quite distinct from the literal meaning of the composite words.

You will soon be able to create colorful expressions to enhance your communications effectiveness.

It is a fun activity and we hope you enjoy it.

Are you an artist who enjoys creating comics?

Then send us your sketches (as a jpeg image) that illustrate the meaning of your favorite idioms. We will post them here on the site and give you credit.

English Idioms: A-B


Categories of English Idioms

  • age
  • animals
  • babies and children
  • body
  • buildings and construction
  • character and appearance
  • clothes
  • crime
  • colors
  • death
  • drinking
  • furniture/furnishings
  • gambling
  • geography
  • health and medicine
  • hunting
  • law
  • men and women
  • money
  • music
  • nationality
  • nature
  • numbers
  • person’s names
  • plants and flowers
  • police and crime
  • politics
  • profession, work, study
  • religion
  • relationships
  • science and technology
  • sport
  • time
  • travel and transport
  • war, weapons and conflict
  • work