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(Credit: Terrabass, CC by SA 3.0)

Times Square, New York

(Credit: Saffron Blaze, CC by SA 3.0)

Niagara Falls, New York

(Credit: Martin Falbisoner, CC by SA 3.0)

Capital Building, Washington, D.C.

(Credit: Ishaan Dalal, CC by SA 3.0)

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

(Credit: Joe Ravi, Joe Ravi, CC by SA 3.0)

Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.

(Credit 123home123, CC by SA 4.0)

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

(Credit: Matt H. Wade, CC by SA 3.0)

The White House, Washington, D.C.

(Credit: Ekabhishek, CC by SA 2.0)

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

(Credit: Robert Bauer, CC by SA 3.0)

Charles River, Boston

(Credit: Charles Homler, CC by SA 3.0)


(Credit: Capt. Albert E Theberge,
NOAA Corps, CC by SA 2.0)
Independence Hall, Philadelphia
(Credit: G Esward Johnson, CC by SA 3.0)

Inner Harbor, Baltimore

(Credit: Bobak, CC by SA 2.5)

Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania

(Credit: Riction, CC by SA 3.0)

Charlotte, North Carolina

(Credit: David R Tribble, CC by SA 3.0)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

(Credit: Mike, CC by SA 2.0)

Atlanta, Georgia

Miami, Florida

(Credit: Marc Averette, Wikimedia Commons)
(Credit: SteamFan, CC by SA 2.5)
Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida
(Credit: Chen Si Yuan, CC by SA 4.0)

Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami

(Credit: Sami99tr, CC by SA 3.0)

French Quarter, New Orleans

(Credit: Falkue, CC by SA 3.0)

French Quarter, New Orleans

(Credit: Daniel J Simanek, CC by SA 3.0)

Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

(Credit: Lone Star Mike, CC by SA 3.0)

Austin, Texas

(Credit: Daniel Schwen, CC by SA 2.5)

Gateway Arch,
St Louis, Missouri

(Credit: Allen McGregor, CC by Sa 2.0)

Chicago, Illinois

(Credit: Dean Franklin, CC by SA 2.0)

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

(Credit: DPPed, CC by SA 3.0)

Phoenix, Arizona

(Credit: Daniel Mayer, CC by SA 3.0)

Grand Canyon, Arizona

(Credit:Tomas Castelazo, CC by SA 3.0)

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

(Credit: Jon Sullivan, Wikimedia Commons)
The 'Old Faithful' geyser
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
(Credit: Adam Kliczek, CC by SA 3.0)

Las Vegas, Nevada

(Credit: Dmadeo, CC by SA 3.0)

Mission Church, San Diego, California

(Credit: Nserrano, CC by SA 3.0)

Los Angeles, California and the San Gabriel Mountains

(Credit: Dllu, CC by SA 4.0)

Cable car, San Francisco

(Credit: Steven Belcher, CC by SA 2.0)

Venice Beach, California

(Credit: Kris, CC by SA 2.0)

Portland, Oregon

(Credit: Rattlhed, Wikimedia Commons)

Seattle, Washington

(Credit: Cristo Vlahos 3.0)

Honolulu, Hawaii











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