Basic English: Elementary Level


Learning Basic English through Pictures

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Our Basic English course consists of 80 free online lessons (20 at each of the Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Levels).


Our program is based on a communications approach with defined competency levels for reading, writing and listening at each level.

Cultural content is utilized in the grammar examples and quizzes in each lesson. You will learn fascinating aspects about the different neighborhoods and districts in New York.





Each lesson is organized as follows:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Dialogue
  • Key Sentences
  • Grammar Tips
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • Listening & Pronunciation Practice
  • New Vocabulary Definitions
  • Idioms
  • Vocabulary Quiz/Crossword Puzzle







Lesson 21
Describing your routines
(  )

Lesson 22
Planning a vacation to New York
(Talking about future plans and events)

Lesson 23
 Staying at a hotel in New York
(  )

Lesson 24
Learning about the 5 boroughs and ethnic neighborhoods of New York
(  )

Lesson 25
Arriving to and departing from an airport serving New York City
(  )

Lesson 26
Taking a taxi in New York
(  )

Lesson 27
Taking the subway in New York
(  )

Lesson 28
Using the train stations in New York
(  )

Lesson 29
Taking the bus within New York
(  )

Lesson 30
Taking an inter-city bus to and from New York
(  )

Lesson 31
Asking for and giving directions
(  )

Lesson 32
Talking about how you feel
(  )

Lesson 33
Visiting a doctor in New York
(  )

Lesson 34
Going to a pharmacy in New York
(  )

Lesson 35
Visiting a dentist in New York
(  )

Lesson 36
Dealing with emergencies in New York
(  )

Lesson 37
Expressing likes and dislikes
(  )

Lesson 38
Going shopping in New York
(shopping online)

Lesson 39
Buying groceries in a supermarket
(  )

Lesson 40
Discovering farmers’ markets in New York
(Talking about your favorite foods)



Broadway Theater District (Robert Parma, CCA 3.0)
Broadway Theater District (Robert Parma, CCA 3.0)