Basic English: Beginner Level


Learning Basic English through Pictures

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Our Basic English course consists of 80 free online lessons (20 at each of the Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Levels).

Our program is based on a communications approach with defined competency levels for reading, writing and listening at each level.

Cultural content is utilized in the grammar examples and quizzes in each lesson. You will learn fascinating aspects about the different neighborhoods and districts in New York.





Each lesson is organized as follows:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Dialogue
  • Key Sentences
  • Grammar Tips
  • Visual Vocabulary
  • Listening & Pronunciation Practice
  • New Vocabulary Definitions
  • Idioms
  • Vocabulary Quiz/Crossword Puzzle






Lesson 1
Introduction to the English language
(alphabet; vowels, consonants)

Lesson 2
The eight parts of speech

Lesson 3
The building blocks of sentences. Subjects and predicates

Lesson 4
Stating your name. Names of famous New Yorkers

Lesson 5
Greetings, small talk, and farewells
(subject pronouns)

Lesson 6
Making introductions

Lesson 7
Talking about the seasons and weather in New York
(present progressive tense; making small talk about the weather)

Lesson 8
Stating your country of origin, nationality, language abilities
(indefinite and definite articles; count and non-count nouns; identifying colors)

Lesson 9
Talking about your family and friends
(given names and family names; use of personal and professional titles; family members and relatives)

Lesson 10
Talking about a person’s appearance and clothing

Lesson 11
Talking about accommodation, furniture and appliances
(the building blocks for making sentences; parts of speech; sentences; subject and predicate)

Lesson 12
Stating your address and phone number
(  )

Lesson 13
Stating your age
(  )

Lesson 14
Telling time
(  )

Lesson 15
Specifying Dates
(  )

Lesson 16
Talking about holidays, festivals, and parades in New York
(ordinal and cardinal numbers; dates, prepositions of time)

Lesson 17
Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square
(simple past  )

Lesson 18
Describing where and what you are studying in New York
(  )

Lesson 19
Talking about your job and place of work
(Talking about persons, places and things using nouns; common and proper nouns; transitive and intransitive verbs)

Lesson 20
Talking about your favorite hobbies, personal interests and leisure activities
(  )


Broadway Theater District (Robert Parma, CCA 3.0)
Broadway Theater District (Robert Parma, CCA 3.0)