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Cafe New York: Some Background on the Founder


Panorama of Manhattan from Battery Park (Credit: Alex Proimos, CC by SA 2.0)
Panorama of Manhattan from Battery Park (Credit: Alex Proimos, CC by SA 2.0)


Cafe New York is an initiative of Dr. Robin Ruggles, recently retired from a career in international development where he served as a senior education advisor with postings in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. His travels have taken him to 100 countries. He has a Ph.D. in Education and a Certificate in Planning eLearning Programs.

He also has graduate certificates in Teaching English as a Second Language, Advanced Grammar for English Teachers, and Teaching English for Specific Occupations (tourism and hospitality).

He alternates his time between Montreal, New York and Medellin/Colombia.


Sherlock Holmes reading copy



Dr. Ruggles, a Sherlockian since his youth, is a member of both the Sherlock Holmes Society of London and the Priory Scholars of New York– a society of the Baker Street Irregulars.

He is also a member of the TESOL International Association.






Message from the Founder

Throughout my career, I had the good fortune of studying several foreign languages—French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin.

To me, one of the joys of studying another language is to learn something about the culture(s) where it is spoken.  But many online courses are primarily text-based with no use of images despite the fact that 65% of us learn visually.

One can complete many language courses without ever learning about the richness of a country’s culture, religion, history, geography, tourist attractions, educational systems and economy.

The courses I took left me wanting more.

Cafe New York rectifies this situation for learning English.  We teach vocabulary through pictures and we integrate cultural content from New York City into our lessons and complementary readings.

I would like to thank all those who have helped make this site possible. I am especially indebted to my wife Belen who has been a bedrock of support since the inception, my son Michael who has provided invaluable technical advice over the years, and my daughter Jaseleen and her husband David who have kindly made us feel that New York is our second home.

Robin Ruggles, Ph.D.
New York City


Contact Us

For more details, please contact: cafenewyork2@gmail.com


Radio City Music Hall, Manhattan (Matt Wade Photography, CCA 3.0)
Radio City Music Hall, Manhattan (Matt Wade Photography, CCA 3.0)